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Transformative Constellations®

Belonging, inclusion . . . acceptance of who we are . . .

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Within families and other human systems, such as business organizations and military units, there are known and unknown bonds, commitments and loyalties. Loyalties can operate deep within the unconscious connections between group members and in families these loyalties often span many generations.


Complex unconscious bonds between people can affect perceptions and choices in life. Destructive patterns such as illness, addiction, abuse, and suicide are some examples of the ways hidden bonds and loyalties might express in human systems. This is important in any cases of abuse or trauma, but is particularly significant in the experiences of soldiers and veterans of combat who suffer with an inability to resolve and integrate war-time trauma.


Transformative Constellations®, based on the Family Constellation method developed by Bert Hellinger (, offer a way to reveal and resolve these hidden and often negative bonds of loyalty. Constellations bring complex issues affecting many members of a military unit, a family or an organization to light in a way that is often surprising. The individuals experiencing the work are given an opportunity to see themselves in relationship to their family, their colleagues or their buddies and comrades in new, unexpected and transformational ways. 


Constellation work has its roots in traditional psychology, Indigenous ancient wisdom/African Zuluism, Science (the study of Morphogenetic Fields), Family Sculpting (Virginia Satir), Hypnotherapy, Holding Therapy and more. Dynamic and truly powerful, constellations can result in a reduction of the depression, isolation and lonely suffering associated with post-trauma disorders. The client is often freed to connect to a more conscious expansive awareness of themselves and experience a fuller, more satisfying life.


Transformative Constellations® are offered in individual session form as well as in group formats.

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