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Therapeutic Thursdays

Donation-Based Coaching & Mentoring

Hello! Thank you for your interest in

C.A.R.E-Free Therapy Thursdays.

What to Expect!

This is an intensive therapeutic modality intended to focus attention and process more deeply. Together we will meet whatever is arising, whatever you are experiencing in the moment, whatever is true for you, whatever may be in the way of living true.

Please come to your session with a clear intention, a specific issue or a definite question, in order to make best use of your time.

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In order to participate in the CARE-Free Therapy Thursdays offering, you’ll need to first complete an introductory call with Annelisa.


To be able to schedule and cancel appointments you will need to become a member on this site.

Please fill out the form below so that we can contact you to set up your call.

After your introduction and orientation, you will be given the Log-In information needed to schedule yourself for CARE-Free Therapy Thursdays.

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Your donations are sincerely appreciated and ensure that if you are having a good experience of these offerings, others may have a similar opportunity.

Thank you!

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