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Neuro-Linguistic Coaching®

Rehabilitating the capacity for connection to ourselves

and others ... 



C.A.R.E. addresses the challenges of embodying and applying newly acquired attentional skills in everyday life.  We support our clients to develop their own personal resources, giving them tools they can apply to everyday circumstances and all relationships; skills that provide a sense of confidence when encountering difficult situations that may trigger past patterns of disabling emotions or behaviors.  


C.A.R.E. also supports our clients in learning (or re-learning) to receive the consideration and kindness of family and friends when that kind of loving attention seems unavailable, unbearable or undeserved.


C.A.R.E. provides the depth and continuity of personal attention that allows our clients to see and experience the possibility that they can live confident, contented lives, addressing every-day conflict, anxiety, fear and suffering without losing their intrinsic, innate experience of health and wholeness in mind and body. 


We enable our clients to move from feeling stuck to feeling naturally inclined toward movement in the direction of short-term and long-term goals. We help participants identify, address and resolve their immediate personal and professional concerns, those issues or relationships that seem overwhelming and distracting. The coaching relationship offers clients the personal attention and guidance needed to be confident in decision-making processes and masterful in the execution of those decisions. Real-world goals can be achieved and exceeded as the capacity for awareness increases.


 Transformative Neuro-Linguistic Coaching® can help participants understand the correlation between a person's capacity for self-attention and their ability to experience connection and belonging in their personal and professional relationships. Predictably, every aspect of the client's life, including family, work and physical health, is all greatly enhanced.

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