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Annelisa MacBean, PhD ​

Executive Director

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“. . . Holding a vision of a world in which the human capacity for attention is informed by empathy. . .  and expressed through compassionate action.”

Annelisa is a somatically-oriented therapist, trained in pre- and peri-natal psychology, human development and neuro-linguistics. She is also an executive coach and corporate consultant. Author of Tenderness Lost: Understanding Attention Deprivation, Annelisa is dedicated to evolving the C.A.R.E. protocol to address the correlation of early developmental attachment and attention deprivation with the development of a variety of adult issues, including ADD/ADHD, PTSD, BPD and others. Her work is based in the understanding that feelings don't kill people, but avoiding or repressing feelings such as pain, shock and grief can fragment our ability to attend to ourselves, to focus, function and relate. Prolonged repression can lead to depression, addictions and for some, hopelessness or suicide.


Annelisa is studying the impact of severe attention deprivation on the awakening of consciousness in diverse populations including executives, politicians, soldiers, veterans, college students, children, seniors, and people experiencing issues such as anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD PTSD, chemical dependency, sleep disorders and chronic pain. She is researching the ways attention deprivation impacts recovery from trauma.


Her work at C.A.R.E. has confirmed the unfortunate impact of attention deprivation during human gestation, birth and early development on the capacity to navigate through and recover from traumatic experiences in life. She has spent most of her 35-year career attending to the mitigation of birth and early developmental trauma as it plays out in adult complexes of fear and anxiety. Her research and experience has demonstrated that consistent and responsive attention from mindful and present external sources, regardless of one’s age or issues, facilitates the building of internal, individual capacities to tender . . . attend to . . . and love one's self.


To learn more about Annelisa, her work and services, please visit her site at:


Mentors to Annelisa have included Vilma Ginzberg (Rogerian Psychologist and Poet Laureate, Healdsburg, CA); Barbara Findeisen, MFT (Pre- and Peri-Natal Psychology); Ned Hallowell, M.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder Specialist, Author); S.N. Goenka (Vipassana Meditation Master); Judith Aston (Aston Patterning/Aston Kinetics);  Janet Adler (Authentic Movement); Carl Buchheit, PhD (Developmental Psychology and Transformational NLP); Bert Hellinger, MD (Inter-generational Constellations and Family Systems Psychology); Keith Merron, Martha Borst and Marty Kaplan (Organizational Consulting).

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