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Professional Network

Professional Network

Michael DeFino, DC

San Anselmo CA


Carl Buchheit, PhD

San Rafael, CA


Dyer Passano-Manning, MFT

Petaluma, CA


Anastacia White, CCH

Berkeley, CA


Alice Sheila Treves, MFT

San Anselmo, CA

Cricket Wingfield, MD

Portland, OR


Theresa Lumiere, CMT

Sausalito, CA

Pamela Roman, MFT

San Rafael, CA


Ananda Amaya Ma, L.Ac.

Mill Valley, CA


Vilma Ginzberg, PhD

Santa Rosa, CA


Evlaleah Howard

San Rafael, CA 94901

We network with caring professionals from varied sectors of the community who can donate their expertise in support of our clients. Our professional partners offer products and/or services at low or no cost, providing access to education, experience, health, wellness and therapeutic opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. We are always seeking to increase our partnership pool. By distributing small donations of time and resources over an ever-expanding collective of professionals no one is asked to over-extend and we are able to provide ongoing CARE. Everybody wins.


Our partners all agree that they receive at least as much from giving of their time and energy as our clients receive in healing and self-awareness.

f you’d like to join our network, please contact us for more information:

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