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Our Clients

C.A.R.E. clients report that they . . . 

  • Feel better able to focus and sustain attention

  • Find great improvement in decision-making and follow-through

  • Experience clarity about personal purpose and life direction

  • Feel happier and more calm

  • Feel depression, anxiety and fear are all reduced

  • Feel greater safety in unfamiliar environments 


  • Experience decreased perceptions of chronic and acute physical pain


  • Feel greater ease and more comfort in their bodies​​


  • Notice less inner chatter and mental tension

  • ​​Feel more open and connected in their interpersonal relationships

  • Notice improvements in primary relationships with spouses, partners and children


  • Experience an increased sense of control in their lives


  • Feel more comfortable about entering into new circumstance they cannot control


  • Experience more control or mastery of their reactions during every day events


  • Sleep much better.

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