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Transformative Consulting®

Welcome to a world that wants what you have to offer ...

Consultant with wheelchair client behind laptop

C.A.R.E. empowers clients to consider that there truly is a place for them in the world. Clients who feel lost or disenfranchised recover a sense of belonging in a world that was previously experienced to be unsafe, unkind or uncaring.   


Our clients are supported in identifying their unique skills, aptitudes and passions. They are supported in incorporating those abilities into satisfying and self-sustaining professional lives. Some of our clients are already employed; others are seeking to re-establish themselves in the workplace. We support people experiencing on-going workplace struggles, as well as those facing the challenges of transitioning back into the workforce from military service, extended periods of retreat, treatment or rehabilitation. 


C.A.R.E. collaborates with a network of agencies, business partners, professionals and individual volunteers to help our participants find employment, land appropriate jobs and manage their ongoing careers. We consult for both our participants and business partners to ensure smooth transitions and secure attachment for all parties.

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