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Transcendence Technique
Support Sessions



Thank you for reaching out.

This is an intensive therapeutic modality intended to support you to focus attention, process specific issues more deeply, and receive collaborative support in the clearing of trapped, entrenched energies.


Please come with a clear intention, a specific issue, or a definite question, in order to make best use of your time. Please come to your Zoom-session 5-minutes early to prepare and settle.

Zen Garden

Cancellation Policy

These sessions are offered freely.
Please be respectful of everyone's time.


48-Hour Cancellation Policy

48-hours advance notice is required if you are unable to attend your session. It is your responsibility to remove yourself from the calendar. 


This will provide the opportunity for other members of the Sangha to register for sessions in your vacated time slot. 

If you have difficulty accessing the calendar for cancellation, email

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